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Are You 'Sharenting'?

It's not that long ago since schools started encouraging pupils to be careful about personal data being shared online in social media profiles.

But what about information others share – like parents – over which a child has no control?

A report in late 2018, from the Children's Commissioner, called 'Who Knows What About Me?', revealed, on average, a parent shares 1,300 images online before a child reaches 13.

According to Barclays Bank plc, ‘Sharenting' (where parents post pictures and videos of their child on social media) will account for two thirds of all identity fraud by 2030 and cost £667 million a year.

Which means, there's never been a better time to educate, and guide, parents on how to reduce the amount of personal information they are giving away, often inadvertently, about their child.

When it comes to social media data, less is more.